El Peezo Wheatpaste Piece Removed from Bentley Projects in Phoenix

Courtesy of El Peezo via Instagram
What goes up must come down, or so the saying goes. In the case of a recent wheatpaste piece by El Peezo, the comedown was quick.

The anonymous Phoenix artist put up a wheatpaste rendition of a Jeeves-ian butler on an exterior wall at Bentley Projects on the evening of Thursday, April 24. The following day, Bentley had the paper piece, which was adhered with a mixture of starch and water, removed.

"You win some, you lose some," El Peezo tells New Times via e-mail.

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While El Peezo says he isn't surprised to see his work removed because he doesn't get permission before pasting his pieces, Bentley Gallery director John Reyes says he was befuddled upon finding the work when he drove to the gallery on the morning of Friday, April 25.

"I asked if anyone knew anything about this," Reyes says. "Nobody knew anything. So it had to come down. There was no communication from anybody's camp."

The artist was a finalist for the 2014 Big Brain Awards and pasted the artwork on Bentley the night before Artopia, an event hosted by New Times that includes the announcement of the Big Brain Award winners. Because he wishes to remain anonymous, he told New Times that he did not plan to attend the event and he didn't want to be interviewed about his work.

But he wanted to have some kind of presence at Artopia. Without permission from the gallery, he pasted up the butler and hoped it would remain at least through the evening of April 25. The nature of his work is temporary, and he's had pieces removed before. When they haven't been taken down, they gradually erode due to their delicate nature.

"[I] was inspired by being nominated as a finalist, and the fact I couldn't give your writers a proper interview," El Peezo says. "Had to leave my mark somehow."

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Carinne Wheeler
Carinne Wheeler

Uninvited guest? While not without its merits it remains a visual non sequitur in this context

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