10 Most Hated Game of Thrones Characters

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This whole list is one big spoiler. Read with caution.
Everyone we love on Game of Thrones dies. Well, actually, pretty much everyone dies on the show regardless. Some of the hurt of losing beloved characters is lessened by the way George R. R. Martin crafts his bad to the bone villains, making their eventual demise that much more satisfying. But before he does that you pretty much hate them more than anyone or anything you've ever hated.

Don't read this if you haven't seen seasons one through three and the first few episodes of season four. You've been warned.

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There's not much you can say in defense of a man who only keeps his girl children so he can marry them and make more girl children with them later. Just disgusting. Plus, he feeds his sons to White Walkers. Pretty much no one ever was sad to see him go, and we're glad Gilly was freed of him.

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1 - Walder Frey doesn't view women as disposable, he views people as disposable. Idiots.

2 - Cersei Lannister is much worse than everyone on that list combined.


Does HBO pay you for this, or is it simply clickbait?

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