The 10 Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever

Courtesy Flickr user: M Yashna
"Girl, you've got some fine-ass legs. I'd like to take those legs out to a steak dinner."

Can the rest of me come, too?

"So where exactly do you live?"

This was asked at two o'clock in the morning after a Los Angeles bartender stole my credit card. I had left my card at the bar, but, rather than do the legal thing and lock it away inside the register, the bartender had taken it with him as collateral for my calling him.

I didn't realize the card was gone until I was on the other side of town and the bar was the other side of open. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I was able to call the bartender on his cell phone because, in a flirtatious move to seduce me and my best friend underground, he had given us his number back at the bar, saying he could get us into to some secret subterranean jazz club downtown. It's one of the few times I didn't fake entering a number into my phone (yes, guys, we do that).

Sadly for him, his criminal level of flirtation didn't work on me, and rather than tell him where I lived I told him he could meet me and my friends in a public location or I would be calling the cops.

I got my card back, but he called me at least twice a week at 2 a.m. for the next week. Dick.

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