Wickenburg's Octave Mine on the Market for $5.9M

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The Octave Mine listing includes 226 patented acres and 25 miles of mining tunnels.
Heads up, treasure hunters. A new Wickenburg property located at 14125 West Ben Jaffe Boulevard is currently up for grabs on the real estate market. And while owning property in Yavapai County could hardly be conducive for your weekday commute into metro Phoenix, we're told this location is an absolute gold mine.


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The Octave Mine produced over 200,000 ounces of gold between 1900 and 1042.
The Octave Mine property, listed by Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty, includes 226 patented acres and 25 miles of mining tunnels, once heavily infused with gold.

The Octave Mine, which took its name from the eight proprietors who purchased it in the the late 1890s, produced over 200,000 ounces of gold before it was shut down in 1942, as reported in a 2008 article by Prospecting and Mining Journal.

One of the biggest selling points behind the Octave Mine is the presumed gold fragments remaining in the tunnels.
The mine has been featured on the SyFy television show Ghost Mines and, according to a press release from Russ Lyon Sotheby, has already caught the interest of investors in Canada, Japan, Austria, and Dubai.

The property listing also includes mining equipment, a two-bedroom home, an FM tower, and two full-time guards.

Now for the catch: the price tag. The property is currently listed at $5,900,000. And while some investors may consider that a steal, for most of us, it's out of the question and out of our price range.

Looks like you have to have treasure to make treasure.

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