Need To Know Publishing to Host Inaugural Book Launch Party in Phoenix

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Need To Know Publishing
If you've picked up a children's book lately, you may have noticed that they're a little outdated, not to mention out of touch. Seriously, do you know anyone who owns a farm with one red barn containing one chicken, one pig, and one cow? We didn't think so.

Fortunately for this genre of (very) young adult literature, three dads-turned-business-partners are setting out to change all that with a new Arizona-based startup, Need To Know Publishing.

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Founded by R. Bradley Snyder, Marc Engelsgjerd, and their late partner Robert Kempe, Need To Know Publishing produces books that touch on a wide range of 21st-century topics that every child needs to know, from music icons to food to everyday adult experiences.

"We have a very simple method for picking what were going to write about." Snyder says. "We sit down together and we look around us. We think about what we did this week, what did we talk to our kids about, what was something we struggled with or what was something that we enjoyed but maybe we had a different take on it."

The company's first three books, What Every Child Needs To Know About Elvis, What Every Child Needs To Know About Coffee, and What Every Child Needs To Know About Cancer, will make their debut with a special Need To Know Publishing Inaugural Book Launch Wednesday, March 26, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Phoenix BikeLab.

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Phoenix BikeLab

740 W. Grant Street, Phoenix, AZ

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