Nathan Fillion and Stan Lee Announced as Phoenix Comicon 2014 Guests

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Captain Mal will set course for Phoenix this June.
If you happen to be a diehard Marvel fanatic or totally grok Captain Malcom, Richard Castle, or Captain Hammer, get ready to squee. Comic book legend Stan Lee and Nathan Fillion, the actor behind the aforementioned roles, will be attending this year's Phoenix Comicon in early June.

Better dust off your mint edition of Spider-Man No. 1 and the Firefly box set and get 'em ready for signing. Oh, and be prepared to battle with members of the Arizona Browncoats for a good seat.

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The Phoenix Comicon staff announced Fillion's appearance on the event's Facebook on Wednesday morning. And it's definitely got the local geek community excited (and probably your mom, too, particularly if she watches the actor every week on Castle).

In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if people started to jump around just like actor John Barrowman did at last year's 'con when asked his opinion on Fillion.

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Local comic book fans or followers of the Marvel Universe have also been jazzed since Lee's appearance at Comicon was announced online this past weekend. The co-creator of such characters as the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk last appeared at Phoenix Comicon in 2011, when he spoke for more than an hour.

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