10 Reasons Tesla Should Come to Arizona

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Arizona is in the running to be the home of Tesla Motors' "gigafactory," a $4 to $5 billion lithium battery plant that would employ roughly 6,500 people. The high-end electric car company has narrowed down its list of potential locations for the plant to four states including Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico.

While Nevada is closest to the company's manufacturing plant in Fremont, California, and New Mexico may boast better taxes (according to USA Today), we can think of at least 10 reasons why one of the hottest car companies right now should choose the good old Copper State for its new plant.

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10. Arizona could do with a little image revamping. (Ahem, SB 1062.)

9. You can always count on Scottsdale to get on board with more sports cars -- especially from a brand that makes your Chevy Volt look like your uncle's Pinto, with the least expensive models costing around $60,000.

8. What state wouldn't want 6,500 new jobs? That's right. Buy yourself a briefcase and tell your mom you're (potentially) moving out of the guest house.

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