Photos: First Friday in Phoenix, Running with the Bulls, and Remezcla PHX

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Jessica Obert
Frontal Lobe Gallery's "Pseudo Science" offered a range of colorful, science-inspired works.
New Times photographers had a busy weekend. Did they snap your picture?

First Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 2/7/14
First Friday was alive with music, street performers, and food trucks Friday night, February 7, in downtown Phoenix. In the name of art, people from all over the valley came out to appreciate local artists' works. From Roosevelt A.R.T.S. Market's Hot Box Gallery to ASU's new Step Gallery, innovation and local creativity was the centerpiece of the evening for the mass of Phoenicians.

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Jeremiah Toller
Bully for you.
Running With the Bulls in Cave Creek, 2/8/14
Running With the Bulls made its way to Cave Creek this past weekend. The three-day event was filled with multiple bull runs to attract adrenaline junkies who wanted to try out their legs in a sprinting match against large, horned bovine creatures.

Each start began with six bulls out of the gate and once those bulls were near the finish line, another six bulls were let loose -- because, bulls! Fences surrounded the running track, which were easy for runners to climb onto if they needed to bail out to avoid a horn to the buttocks. The objective was to run with the bulls as opposed to just simply running from them, but once a runner is overcome by a bull, it seemed unlikely that they could keep up with them for long without getting trampled.

Melissa Fossum
We hit up the "alt-Latino" party at Monarch.
Remezcla PHX at Monarch Theatre, 2/8/14
The Monarch Theatre was filled with both the cutting-edge and Latin-infused sounds and throngs of moving bodies on Saturday, February 8, during Remezcla PHX. The self-described "alt-Latino party" featured tastemaking electronica -- including moombahton and live psych-electro -- via DJ sets from such burgeoning artists as Mexican Institute of Sound, Tijuana's Los Macuanos, Musa Mind, and Melo. Needless to say, there was much in the way of dancing as attendees grooved to "new and next music from international and local acts that are pushing Latin electronic forward."

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Step Gallery

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408 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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The Monarch Theatre

122 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

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