Phoenix's Lawn Gnome Publishing Hosts Cash Mob Following Recent Robbery

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Katie Johnson
It looks like this past weekend was less than stellar for Lawn Gnome Publishing. On Valentine's Day, the store's owner, Aaron Hopkins-Johnson, revealed some rather unfortunate news on his Facebook page: "The store was burglarized last night. Electronics, jewelry, window, the cash till and employees' pay are gone. I feel absolutely devastated and sick. But we aren't going to give up. Who robs a bookstore?"

Since then, Hopkins-Johnson has turned to the community to help get his Roosevelt Row business back on its feet.

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In an effort to replace the stolen electronics, merchandise, and money, as well as raise funds for a security system to prevent similar crimes from occurring again, community members have created a cash mob event on Facebook. The ongoing event encourages locals to spend some of their much-appreciated cash at the store (Lawn Gnome's inventory of books seems well intact).

Funds are also being accepted anonymously through PayPal on the store's website. For those who can't spare the cash, Lawn Gnome is accepting book donations in person or through the mail at:

ATTN: Stop Gnome Theft Campaign
Lawn Gnome Publishing
905 N. 5th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

For more information and updates on Lawn Gnome's status, visit

Editor's note: This post has been modified from its original version.

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Lawn Gnome

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Luis Huerta
Luis Huerta

it must have been one of their reading buffs....:>(

Pete Diaz
Pete Diaz

Same people that rob anything , thief is a thief is a thief

Morgan McNally
Morgan McNally

Well, for those of us who are a part of this community, we have all come to love and respect Aaron and Lawn Gnome, and want to show our support for a valuable cornerstone of the arts district. What's more, they DO have insurance. Filing and having an insurance claim approved is not a trip to McDonald's - it takes more than a few minutes to recoup those costs from an insurance company, and LG can't afford to just close down until those funds are disbursed. Further, save your feel-bads for someone else, because the employees LOVE working there. They get to be a part of something incredibly valuable, and really, it's a shame you don't seem to get what that's like.

Athena Tyrrell
Athena Tyrrell

Since when does a legitimate "store" not use a bank to store cash? Isn't it odd that they added "employees payroll" into the list of missing/stolen/damaged items? just saying. does not sound like a legitimate business, and I actually feel more sorry for the employees, especially since a business should have insurance anyways to cover any of the damages, right? I also do not understand the taking up of a collection. seriously stupid, people. It is not like it is a destitute person, was this some sort of sick joke?

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