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Crafty Chica meme
Photo and graphic by Alexa Westerfield.
Little did I know being silly for a photo-op at the craft convention would lead to this crazy meme that now lives on Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, and who knows where else!
Every month Kathy Cano-Murillo, a.k.a. The Crafty Chica, dishes crafty tips and tricks in La Vida Crafty on Jackalope Ranch.

Hi, I'm Kathy, the Crafty Chica, and I sprinkle glitter for a living. Literally and metaphorically, right here out of my Phoenix home. I'm a third-generation Phoenician (love!) and am excited to share sprinkles of my crafty life here at Jackalope Ranch every month.

I'm a working artist and blogger. But I'm also what you call a "professional craft designer." This means I am hired by craft industry clients to think up, sketch, present, and make DIY tutorials and craft products.

I'm not Martha. At all. I have never used taupe, I'm allergic to pastels, and my style is far from elegant and minimalist. But you know what? I found my own crafty tribe who loves sequins coupled with glitter topped with varnish just as much as me! And I'm proud to say I don't think I've ever used a mason jar, painted a chevron pattern, or melted crayons down a canvas. I appreciate those techniques, but it seems they've been covered. A lot. So I try to come up with something a lil' different.

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Photo by Kathy Cano-Murillo.
My early crafts and DIY projects included shrine-making and assemblage art.
My crafty career started when I sold jewelry to shops on Mill Avenue in Tempe during the early '90s. I used to set up a table to vend or craft anywhere I could -- the top of a car, waiting for my name to be called at the DMV, even at concerts. I got married and my husband (also an artist) ran a business selling our handmade art to stores all over the country. Tired of mass-producing hundreds of pieces, I took a job at a newspaper, which led to a weekly craft column, which led to national syndication, which led to me starting a DIY blog, in 2003, which led me here.

You can call me a crazy craft lady. I found a way to make a living sprinkling glitter. Look! I even glittered my floor!

I call it the Crafty Hustle and I'm here to share the best of it with all of you. From tutorials to inside scoop on the newest tools and trends and to help with any craft dilemmas you may have.

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