Artists Jamie Pettis and Jack Fowler Team Up for "Love Is OK" in Phoenix

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Courtesy of Jack Fowler
Phoenix resident and Oklahoma City native Jamie Pettis brings her portrait-centric collection of vibrantly colored art to Grand Avenue's {9} The Gallery for an opening First Friday, February 7, from 7 to 11 p.m. She brings with her longtime OKC friend and fellow artist, Jack Fowler, whose work ranges from portraits to landscapes to sculptures, and basically anything else he feels like experimenting with. The show, "Love Is OK," will remain on view for a month.

Pettis and Fowler talked to Jackalope Ranch about what inspires them, why they love the Oklahoma art scene and are excited about Phoenix's, and how they know making art is their true calling.

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Although Pettis and Fowler practically grew up together and went to the same college, they didn't stay in touch too much after graduating and going their separate ways.

Courtesy of Jamie Pettis
After college and an internship in NYC with Marc Jacobs, Jamie ventured off to Los Angeles to pursue acting and art, before she ended up moving to Phoenix to be with her girlfriend, who had already made Arizona her home.

Pettis and Fowler reconnected via social media a few years back, and Jack ended up making a trip out to Phoenix to see Oklahoma State play in the Fiesta Bowl.

"And then we were like, 'Oh you're an artist?'" says Pettis. "And we started keeping up with each other. I keep up with the Oklahoma scene a lot, because it's really growing, and I really wanted to go back and contribute, so it's been a really big connector."

Since she's moved to Arizona, Pettis has gone back several times to OKC to showcase her work, missing the local art scene that locals refer to as "OKC art."

Courtesy of Jamie Pettis
Pettis posing in front of her art outside {9} The Gallery on Grand Avenue
"The scene in Oklahoma City right now is insane," Fowler says. "It's probably the best art scene in the county, because of our economy. We're the only city in America building skyscrapers instead of tearing them down. I haven't had a job [aside from art] in three years and I couldn't have done that 10 years ago."

After doing four exhibitions back home, Pettis realized that she had something she could contribute to the Phoenix art scene and saw the same momentum building that she had been witnessing in Oklahoma City over the past 10 years.

"Just from living here and knowing the artists around, there's a lot of talent," she says. "And I see a lot of people kicking butt to really make that spark or growth happen here. They're trying to get that same momentum, and all the creators around here are trying to make things blossom in the downtown and arts scene. So that's another reason I wanted to bring Jack out here, cause it's like 'Hey, it's happening over here, too.'"

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