Jason Abrams of HGTV's Scoring the Deal Talks Season 2 and Going International

Courtesy of HGTV
Jason Abrams talking with clients
HGTV's Scoring the Deal stars real estate partners Jason Abrams and Kristen Cook and the show's second season première airs tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

The show features Abrams and Cook of Scottsdale's Abrams International as they help professional athletes find their dream homes, and there's usually a significant time constraint for the athlete. This season will feature NFL star Kyle Arrington of the Patriots, NFL rookie EJ Manuel, who was picked up by Buffalo as the first-round draft pick for quarterbacks, NBA players Rudy Gay and CJ Watson, MLB's Jerry Hairston Jr., Brandon McCarthy, and legend David Wells, among others, including WNBA star Brittany Jackson.

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Courtesy of HGTV

While the first season provided a completely new experience for Abrams and his team, he says that the hardest part was actually learning how to be on camera and how to make the talent feel comfortable as well.

"The surprising thing was, they were almost more comfortable on camera than they were off-camera," says Abrams. "As soon as the cameras came on the only person who was nervous was me. They've spent their life under a microscope, so the idea that they were being scrutinized was no big deal for them. It was something I had to get used to."

With the second season under his belt, Abrams has gotten used to the strange world of reality television, including the camera aspect, and he's also had to develop a thicker skin when it comes to the critics. Season one provided the training ground.

"There was one article that was written by a woman in New York who just lambasted the show and kind of destroyed me as a character and talked about how 'America needs this show like America needs deep-fried donuts,'" Abrams says. "It bothered me a lot."

Courtesy of HGTV
Abrams says that he would watch every episode of the first season, tweet in real time, search keywords for his show, and reply to anybody who said anything negative.

"I would respond, 'Oh I'm really sorry you feel that way, I'd love to talk to you over the phone and explain the show to you,' and before I knew it I was having a lot of those calls," he says. "And I would randomly find people's blogs when they would talk about the show, and I would respond to their blog. I felt the need to justify the show, and I probably won't do that again this season."

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