Mo Neuharth's Art Problems Press to Debut Photography Book at Palabra in Phoenix

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Mo Neuharth
Some of Neuharth's own photos are included in the press' first publication 20,000 Hours.
We'd like to think Jay-Z would be pleased with the name of Phoenix's newest local press. Art Problems, the brainchild of photographer Mo Neuharth, "aims to provide the creative platform for visual artists to transform their art into printed material," according to the press' lovely website.

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Patrick Driscoll
Driscoll is one of six photographers included 20,000 Hours.
Neuharth says she fell love with the combination of handmade books and photography while studying at ASU. After graduating from the photography program last year, she wanted to maintain some sense of the community that existed in art school. Thus, Art Problems was born.

"It's a way to bring artists together on projects. It's a way for an audience to come and be introduced to art they may not have seen otherwise. It's a way to get art of off walls and get it into peoples' hands," says Neuharth.

For anyone who loves art but can't always afford work, the art book is a dream come true. But it's not just about the price, as Neuharth can attest. "I love books because you have a personal experience with them as opposed to a room filled with people who are all looking at the same, one image," she says. "A book is yours."

For its first book, Art Problems is releasing 20,000 Hours, a selection of 28 photographs from six local photographers: Abigail Lynch, Kaleb Marshall, Meredith Minne, Mo Neuharth, Ashley Reynolds, and Patrick Driscoll.

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