Yoga Dress Pants Blend Workout Wear and Office Attire

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Because who doesn't sit on top of their desk like this?
Because barely trying is the new black, a new line of wear-to-work workout pants is heading to digital retail shelves.

Soon, hardworking ladies everywhere will be able to breathe a little vinyasa into their vocation, regardless of whether that job happens to be with a once well-respected corporation, law firm, or medical practice.

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In the same vein of her earlier product, Dress Sweat Pants for Men, Think Tank director Sarah James has profited off the fact that a growing number of women refuse to wear actual pants.

"Based on the insane popularity of yoga pants, I wanted to create a pair of pants that would work for power yogis and PowerPoint professionals," says James' Dress Pants Yoga Pants page on Betabrand, an online clothing site that lets users co-design and crowd-fund new products.

Combining the stretchy performance fabric of yoga pants with the belt loops, faux pockets, and straight cut of slacks, James has created a hybrid form of office wear "that could easily be worn for a light lunchtime workout and look just as appropriate back at the office." You know, assuming no one notices post-workout smell or the dark gray stains of ass sweat.

The pants, which are the site's most successfully funded product to date, currently run at $79.20 a pair. They will be available to ship in late February.

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