14 Favorite Costumes from Taiyou Con 2014

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Yoko a go-go

Yoko Littner
The red-haired heroine of the dystopian future-themed anime Gurren Lagann is what you'd call a major badass. Or, at the very least, well armed. She's skilled at handling a variety of guns -- including an impossibly long and decidedly wicked-looking sniper rifle -- and a deadeye as a marksman, as well as proficient at piloting huge mecha called Gunmen and wasting enemies like her enemies like Anti-Spirals. And she does it all while rocking a bikini top, shorts, and thigh-high boots.

Chailey Takinen of Goodyear also thinks that Yoko pretty badass, which is why she came as the character. "I cosplay her because I love her," Takinen says. "She has like a really awesome personality and totally turns down the sexiest guy I've ever seen. Spoiler: He dies."

Oops. Hope she didn't ruin anything for y'all.

Before you die, you see...

Sadako Yamamura
Like pretty much everyone else who laid eyes on it, we practically soiled ourselves in fear when creepy-ass tangled-hair moppet Sadako Yamamura/Samara Morgan crawled out of a television in any of various iterations of The Ring -- whether in the original Japanese film Ringu, its sequels, or the American remake. So we got some chills when we witnessed Phoenix resident Kaney Haskins faithfully recreating the scary scene at Taiyou Con, right down to slinking out of a hollowed out old Sanyo.

Haskins says she's a devotee of the original Ringu ("I like the Japanese stuff better") than its Americanized doppelganger, and thus was playing Sadako. Her setup was not without its drawbacks, however, as she claims it's a little uncomfortable cramming her legs and torso into the erstwhile TV. "This is a painful costume," she says.

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