14 Favorite Costumes from Taiyou Con 2014

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Don't touch any of these folks, you'll lose all your powers.

Super Mario Bros. Enemies
If you've spent any amount of time mashing the gamepad buttons on any of the countless entries in the exhaustive Super Mario series, you might recognize the three enemy characters being portrayed by this trio. DJ Harding of Tucson, who says he "wanted to do a Mario cosplay because I really enjoy the games," dressed as the human version of Bob-omb, while his sister Sidney Harding donned a Shy Guy costume, and their friend Kyle Van Linden went to the con as one of those bitey Chain Chomps. They definitely earned a 1-Up from us for their efforts.

"This news has just filled my heart with rainbows!"

Lord Ghirahim
Another Nintendo-inspired costume that caught our attention was Samantha Weeks' portrayal of this effete and ostentatious demon lord, one of the main villains in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii. The Queen Creek cosplayer and longtime Zelda fan says that she digs the character and chose to don his wardrobe is because Ghirahim is "a narcissistic brat," among other reasons. "He's hilarious," Weeks says. "He's the bad guy and one of those classy villains. He's also really, really cool." Thus, she's labored off and on over the past couple of years to put together the ensemble.

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