Arizona Cacophony Society Announces Phoenix Idiotarod 2014

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
A Star Wars-themed cart from Phoenix Idiotarod 2013.
Mischief-makers of the Valley, get your shopping carts ready. Oh, and you might want to fire up your brain cells as well and start conjuring up crazy ideas, too. That's because the Arizona Cacophony Society has set a date for the next Phoenix Idiotarod. And it's a little over a month away.

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The local prankster group, which also organizes such events at Santarchy and the Brides of March, recently announced via its e-mail list that 2014's Phoenix Idiotarod, a colorful and chaotic urban shopping cart race, will take place on Saturday, February 8.

The announcement was brief, stating the aforementioned date for the event and encouraging potential Idiotarod participants to begin getting ready.

"Get your wheels turning... start brainstorming ideas, get a team together, and we'll see you at the starting line!" the e-mail said.

A Flash Gordon team from Phoenix Idiotarod 2013.

Although the exact location of the event wasn't included in the announcement, we're fairly certain that it will take place somewhere in or around downtown Phoenix or the nearby arts district, much as the previous seven Idiotarods. Would-be racers are encouraged to join Arizona Cacophony's e-mail list or visit its website in the coming weeks for more information about the event and how to join up.

And if you've never witnessed any of the previous Idiotarods bombing around the downtown Phoenix area over the past seven years, it's most definitely a fun time.

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Megan McCann
Megan McCann

One of THE most fun things I've participated in, in PHOENIX. It's hard work but a great day!

Shawn Bobb H
Shawn Bobb H

Sounds like someone is an angry little elf. You may want to write a letter to The Phoenix New Times since they wrote the article with the wrong date.

Catherine Jones McClarin
Catherine Jones McClarin

This group must be missing that one person who checks details and fixes things. They have the event date listed wrong on their website. LOL {On a side note, misogyny is clearly NOT a problem with this group, so I'm guessing it is primarily boys disguised as men running things.}

Kurt Hauser
Kurt Hauser

What? You guys didn't get enough last year?

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