Peter Pilotto for Target: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Courtesy of Target
In a word, Peter Pilotto's Target wearables are loud.

If intense pattern clashing, saturated florals, and squint-worthy brights are your thing, then the Peter Pilotto capsule collection for Target will fit in nicely with your likely kaleidoscopic wardrobe. Out February 9, the nearly 70-piece spring set includes swimwear, dresses, skirts, and accessories, most of which cost less than $60. The color palette includes greens, blues, reds, and oranges, often combined with maximum contrast.

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Not only will Target and the big-box retailer's website vend the discount pieces from the London design duo, which includes the brand's namesake, Peter Pilotto, and Christopher De Vos, but Net-A-Porter will also have a selection of the items available for international shoppers.

Of course, not all shoppers will want every piece in the collection. Here's a breakdown of what we're already coveting, what we straight-up hate, and what's just-plain ugly.

Courtesy of Target
Here are our favorite pieces from the Peter Pilotto for Target capsule.

The Good
With focused palettes and beautiful shapes, these three Pilotto pieces are the most approachable, wearable, and least likely to make you look like Lena Dunham's Hannah Horvath tripping on Ecstasy in unfortunate neon. Quite the contrary, Pilotto's use of highlighter yellow and black with cornflower blue and mint make for the most refined color combinations of the collection, particularly when used on the long-sleeved structured dress and the lightweight cardigan. To wear the collection's brash reds and oranges, we suggest snagging accessories adorned in the hot tones like these round-frame sunglasses.

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wow, looking back now, your choices on "ugly" and "bad" pieces happened to be the most popular pieces and the first to sold out lol

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