No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014: 6 Reasons We Loved It

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Flaunt it if you got it.

The Shenanigans

Organizers ask that No Pants participants "act as if nothing strange is going on" while riding and to deny all knowledge of the event when asked why they are sporting undies while in public in order to maintain the prank.

One group crosses Roosevelt Street bound for Angels Trumpet.

A majority tries to follow this tenet (for the most part), but a few wiseacres in previous years have been known to mess around while riding the rails, including one cat that turned handlebars into a personal jungle gym.

You should see these two booty-shake.

While our particular trainload of pantsless riders was relatively low-key, there were a few jags of spanking upon underwear, high fives, and some cheesy posing for pictures. At the various stations before and after the ride are a bit of a different story as people are more willing to joke and pull stunts, including one gentleman who mounted an electrical transformer for an epic photo op. Ditto for the activity at Angels Trumpet, which leads us to our next entry.

Hanging out at Angels Trumpet Ale House after the ride.

The After-Party

Arguably the most convivial aspect of a No Pants ride is what comes following the actual ride. Everyone gathers at particular bar (which has been Angels Trumpet the past couple of years) and quaffs many an adult beverage while discussing what transpired during their excursion or just conversing happily.

Classy and sport.

They also tend to clown about a bit, particularly after a few rounds have been served, including getting a bit bawdy and ribald whenever a photographer pointed a camera their way. Both males and females alike, for instance, offered up a few skin mag-worthy moves.

One big screaming group shot of No Pants Ride participants.

In some ways the after-party is just flat-out fun. One pair of lasses seemed to be having the time of their lives the entire day, including doing booty dances at the station or climbing atop the shoulder-high cinder block outdoor fence at the bar. Good thing there were plenty of others around to act as spotters in case they tripped.

The end(s).

The Butts

Admit it, this is one of the reasons why you read this blog. It's certainly a reason why some people take part in the No Pants Ride.

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METRO Light Rail Station

Roosevelt St. and Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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Angels Trumpet Ale House

810 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ

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While this looks like a fun event,and I hate to discourage public undie wearing,the actual event is called "No Pants Subway Ride" Its supposed to be done on a Subway and they hold the event in January for a reason. Part of the joke is that its the middle of January and freezing cold and people are on the Subway without pants!!!! We do not have a Subway and its not really cold at all here in Phoenix.Look at the pictures that are posted of the event. Everyone is walking around in t-shirts and tank tops, half the joke is that you are supposed to be wearing winter coats and scarves,gloves hats........and no pants.The people that originated the event in New York (Improv Everywhere) put on numerous other "missions" people out here could do. 1860's Bar, MP3 Experiments,High Five Escalator etc, doing this one is kind of weak.

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