No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014: 6 Reasons We Loved It

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Riding the rails sans pants.

The Reactions

Half the fun comes from witnessing the reactions of unsuspecting light-rail passengers or anyone else who crosses the participants' paths.

Tutus, knee-highs, and no pants.
On the train, such responses included quizzical stares, curious queries, puzzled looks, and more than a few smiles. Meanwhile, there were catcalls, craned necks, hastily shot snapshots and a couple of honking horns after arriving at the Roosevelt Street and Central Avenue station and heading a couple of blocks east to Angels Trumpet Ale House. One woman walking near the bar was so amused that she started snapping cell phone photos of participants posing with her kid.

Not every interaction was as amiable, however.

A security guard working one of the eastbound trains reportedly took umbrage with all the photographers taking pictures and attempted to give anyone with a camera the boot. Jeff Moriarty of Improv AZ and a few others interceded, however, and the guard later relented after speaking with a supervisor.

They willing posed for this photo, FYI.

The Costumes

Thankfully, no one resorted to wearing granny panties or tighty whities. Instead it was all about vibrant shades, ruffles, lace, and wild prints with the undergarments on display, which were just one part of people's wardrobes.

Nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana...
A minority of the crowd settled for just colorful drawers and socks while other designed entire outfits around a certain theme or character (one chica dressed as the female version of the Eleventh Doctor with her beau rocking a TARDIS tee and boxers, while another couple was quite unmissable in fetish wear).

Comic book characters were also in excess, with a female Ninja Turtle or a number of DC heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

And Jackalope Ranch contributor Negativsteve Mandel, clad in a dress shirt and tie, was also on hand and brought along a hand-written "God Hates Pants" sign satirizing the Westboro Baptist Church jerks.

We're still waiting for a No Pants participant to recreate the Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or X-Wing pilot versions of the Star Wars Underoos of our youth and accessorize with the respectively appropriate helmet and costume gear.

TMNT meets ninjas meets Wonder Woman meets Star Wars.

Location Info


METRO Light Rail Station

Roosevelt St. and Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Angels Trumpet Ale House

810 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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While this looks like a fun event,and I hate to discourage public undie wearing,the actual event is called "No Pants Subway Ride" Its supposed to be done on a Subway and they hold the event in January for a reason. Part of the joke is that its the middle of January and freezing cold and people are on the Subway without pants!!!! We do not have a Subway and its not really cold at all here in Phoenix.Look at the pictures that are posted of the event. Everyone is walking around in t-shirts and tank tops, half the joke is that you are supposed to be wearing winter coats and scarves,gloves hats........and no pants.The people that originated the event in New York (Improv Everywhere) put on numerous other "missions" people out here could do. 1860's Bar, MP3 Experiments,High Five Escalator etc, doing this one is kind of weak.

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