No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014: 6 Reasons We Loved It

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Attendees of the No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014.
Patrons of the light rail got a little in-ride entertainment on Sunday afternoon, and not from some excessively loud and outrageous fellow passenger. More like a few men and women kicking it onboard in excessively loud undergarments and equally loud clothing -- with the exception of pants.

The No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014 went down this past weekend as more than 100 people from around the Valley boarded trains bound for downtown Phoenix wearing neither trousers, jeans, skirts, nor shorts.

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That's the M.O. of the gonzo event: to cause a scene by parading around in full public view in their finest or flashiest unmentionables after undressing to impress, and maybe shaking things up a little by riding around sans pants, as if it's the normal thing to do. And it also happens in more than 60 cities worldwide, from Stockholm to New York (where it was founded way back when).

Waiting for the train at the Camelback Road and Central Avenue station.

(Full disclosure: We chronicled the event after losing our slacks and donning a few extra pair of boxers since Improv AZ, who organizes the event each year, requests that members of the media covering the event go pants-free.)

If you happen to have a proclivity toward high jinks (and don't mind a little embarrassment), the No Pants Ride can be a blast. And here are a few reasons we dig it.

A No Pants bystander comes along for the ride.
The Vibe

At its heart, the No Pants Ride is a prank, pure and simple. And it's been that way for a better part of three decades, since its early days in the late '80s. It's the sort of thing that appeals to counter-cultural types or even people in pursuit of something as high-minded as turning social norms on their ear.

Then again, it's also fun just for its "what the hell" kind of thrill or just to make a scene (the actual motto of Improv AZ).

The spirit of the event also is effusive. One well-dressed 20-something who boarded during our ride and inquired why some folks were rolling bare-legged decided to drop stylish trou and join the event, even though he headed elsewhere to a prior obligation.

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While this looks like a fun event,and I hate to discourage public undie wearing,the actual event is called "No Pants Subway Ride" Its supposed to be done on a Subway and they hold the event in January for a reason. Part of the joke is that its the middle of January and freezing cold and people are on the Subway without pants!!!! We do not have a Subway and its not really cold at all here in Phoenix.Look at the pictures that are posted of the event. Everyone is walking around in t-shirts and tank tops, half the joke is that you are supposed to be wearing winter coats and scarves,gloves hats........and no pants.The people that originated the event in New York (Improv Everywhere) put on numerous other "missions" people out here could do. 1860's Bar, MP3 Experiments,High Five Escalator etc, doing this one is kind of weak.

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