Marcey Hawk Paints with Her Boobs (NSFW)

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Etsy / Marcey Hawk
From artists who illustrate Jay-Z's 99 problems to artists who turn Internet memes into impressionist paintings, the world wide web is a creative goldmine of "who'da thunk?" But just when we thought we had officially seen everything -- what with Casey Jenkins' vagina knitting -- we stumbled across Marcey Hawk, a.k.a. "the booby painter."

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Hawk is a California-based artist currently making headlines with her headlights. Her colorful abstract paintings, which average around 14 inches on canvas, are created using Hawk's 30D breasts and her five signature techniques: "just the tip," "squish and swirl," "whole breast print," "nipple print," and "titty twerk."

Hawk's works have supposedly claimed the interest of such celebrities as Russell Brand, Rob Dyrdek, and surprise, surprise, Hugh Hefner -- but her most expensive piece sold to date has only been worth $500. Nonetheless, Hawk claims that she donates a portion of all sales, no matter what the price tag, to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For a closer look at Hawk's work or to order a custom piece (we suggest a titty twerk in various shades of green), check her out on eBay or Etsy.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

So what exactly is NSFW in the above article / pics ??


@DonkeyHotay   I know.... I guess the author just wanted people to click on the link...


@DonkeyHotay  It's probably in reference to all those cancer patients who got fucked out helpful donations by the Susan G Komen foundation.

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