11 Things You Should Know About Santarchy 2013 in Scottsdale

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Vixens from last year's Santarchy.
Santa Claus is coming to Scottsdale this weekend, and he's got some major backup. Thousands upon thousands of Kris Kringle clones, as well as a nonstop retinue of elves, reindeer, trees, snow bunnies, Grinches, walking gifts, candy cane cuties, and other red-and-white revelers will overrun Old Town in search of Christmastime and nighttime adventures as a part of Santarchy Phoenix 2013 on Saturday, December 7.

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The Valley's version of the holiday bar crawl, a localized spinoff of other Santarchy and SantaCon events that have taken place across the country stretching back to the mid-1990s, has been organized by the urban prankmeisters of the Arizona Cacophony Society since 2007. It's evolved from a relatively small culture jam-style stunt and excuse to imbibe ho-ho-horrendous amounts of alcohol while wearing Santa suits into an event that's attended by thousands every year.

If you've never been to a Santarchy, here's a rundown of stuff to bring, what to wear, where you'll be drinking, and a few other things you ought to know.


You Need A Costume to Participate...
Otherwise, you'd be thumbing your nose at the spirit of the event and would instead just be another drinker in the usual weekend mob that occupies Old Town. And please refrain from simply throwing on a Santa hat and calling it good. That's cheating. (Well, unless it includes a pair of assless leather chaps and little else, like one brave soul wore in 2012.) Some will keep it relatively simple, while others will dress to the nines.

But if the standard standard red and white Santa uniform seems a bit boring, consider going as some interesting or creative variant, like Vader Claus, Samurai Santa, or Pimp Kringle. Arizona Cacophony member Larry Streech and one of his pals, for instance, are planning to don biker gear (including vests, patches, and whatnot) for their "Sons of Santarchy" costume. Then again, you could forego the Clausian mythos altogether, which brings us to our next point...


...But It Doesn't Necessarily Need to Be Santa
Or Mrs. Claus, an elf, or one of Saint Nick's eight galloping reindeer for that matter. During the more recent Santarchys, we've witnessed Jesus and his posse protesting the theft of his birthday while armed with picket signs, a well-to-do Jack Frost, walking wreathes, and even The Grinch. Streech has worn a hand-sewn gingerbread man outfit the last couple years. "Everybody kinda does their own thing and makes it unique but they're all Santa or Christmas-related at least," he says. "It's always impressive because there's so many different types every year."

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