Pyramid Country to Debut Skate/Art Video The Phoenix Lights in Tempe

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Exeter, the enigmatic and otherworldy emcee of Pyramid Country.
On many a night since late September, while the rest of us have been snoozing and snoring away, painter J.J. Horner and the other local artists and skaters behind Pyramid Country have been hitting the streets of the Valley with their boards and cameras in hand.

The result is The Phoenix Lights, a 16-minute-long video that serves as the latest project by the skating crew/art collective and clothing brand. It debuts tonight at the Hacienda Trading Company in Tempe and chronicles approximately four months of skateboarding feats throughout the Valley, all of which were shot at night.

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"We've been pretty much going out while everybody sleeps for the last four months and filmed," Horner says. "It's kind of just all of our dudes who are on the Pyramid Country skateboarding team and then some friends and people who also skate with us, essentially. But the whole kinda concept behind the video is that it's all night footage. That sort of makes it unique but it's pretty good."

Local filmmakers and Pyramid Country members Jackson Casey and Bobby Green shot grinds, flips, and other skating tricks taking place around the downtown areas of Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, as well as in parts of Mesa and Chandler.

"It's mainly our dudes that are on the [Pyramid Country] team and then a couple of friends that are on other clothing brands that skate with us," Horner says. "We got four months of going out to spots that the guys want to skate at and they skated for around four hours at a time to essentially get 30 seconds of footage."

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Hacienda Trading Company

712 S. Hacienda Dr., Tempe, AZ

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