Palabra Collective's One-Year Anniversary Show "Uno" Opens Friday in Phoenix

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Palabra Collective
Hair styling and art may not seem as though they go together, but Jorge Torres would beg to differ.

"I opened up Palabra with the notion of having a hub for everything that I'm into," Torres says. "The hair part is my bread and butter, but I'm able to do so many other things with the space -- music, artwork, poetry readings."

On Friday, December 6, Palabra celebrates one full year of business with "Uno," a group show including a variety of work from the artists involved in the collective.

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Palabra Collective
Nicolas Villa performing at Tyson Krank's opening in October
Currently, the collective is made up of nine artists: El Peezo, Rebecca Green, Spencer Hibert, Mikey Jackson, Tyson Krank, Ashley Macias, Joseph "Sentrock" Perez, Yai, and Enrique Garcia, who goes by Mr PHX. The upcoming show will mark the first time their work has been on display as a collective.

Torres isn't an artist himself, but curating comes naturally. "I get to work with a core of like-minded individuals who want to step it up," he says. "I pick a certain artist because I dig their aesthetic, but I also spend a lot of time thinking about how to display their work."

Before Palabra, Torres worked for six years as a stylist at Hair Pollution, where he also had the opportunity to curate. He says he feels like he's constantly scouting for talented artists.

Eight years ago, he and Nicolas Paredes opened a gallery on Grand Avenue called Propaganda. Sentrock, who is now a collective member, had his first show there. But after a year, the gallery was barely breaking even, so they decided to call it quits. "That showed me what not to do in the art world," Torres says.

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