The 7 Creepiest Nutcrackers on Etsy

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D&S McSpadden via Flickr
Nutcrackers: Cute for Christmas or totally creepy? When it comes to these seven, the answer is definitely just creepy.
Way back when, nutcrackers actually served a purpose besides being quite possibly the creepiest of all holiday decorations. And as such you can bet there's a heated debate between those who see them as a Christmas decorating staple and those whose dreams are haunted by wooden dolls with massive crunching teeth. You can guess which side of the fence we fall on -- and in case you're still on the fence, here are seven examples of why nutcrackers are the creepiest of all Christmas traditions.

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7. Skullcracker

PreciousMutations on Etsy
5" Skullcracker Nutcrackers! ($14.49)
Because nothing says, "holiday cheer," like a blood-soaked skeleton hanging from the Christmas tree. We know zombies are trendy and all but it doesn't make this 'cracker any less creepy.

6. Seraphina The Victorian Nutcracker

TatsGramsDelights on Etsy
Seraphina The Victorian Nutcracker Handcrafted by Brenda ($25)
Though this nutcracker is one of the more affordable on this list, we're not sure we'd want to have Seraphina grinning at us from the mantel. Plus she reminds us a little too much of Dolores Umbridge.

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Thanks for including my Seraphina, she was supposed to be a sinister type of nutcracker , no one else got it but you !

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