Chandler's Letterpress Central Looks to Kickstarter to Launch Zombie Calendar

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Courtesy of Letterpress Central
The prospective image for January and February of Letterpress Central's 2014 zombie calendar.

A new year means new things. New opportunities, new perspectives and most important -- or at least tangible -- of all, a new calendar on which to track them.

Chandler letterpress studio Letterpress Central has created a mockup for a zombie-themed 2014. The 12-page calendar features images of the walking dead, decaying trees, gravesides, and the synonymous corpse-hand reaching skyward from the ground. Each hand-made copy features a background of vibrant color -- which means more templates, more letterpress trays and, most of all, more money.

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Owner Cindy Iverson turned to crowd-funding website Kickstarter to raise the necessary cash for the initiative, citing the success of other small businesses and her own personal experience. The two-year-old studio previously printed a line of cards for Safwat Saleem's "Greetings From Nowhere" line, also made possible by contributions from users via the website.

"It's expensive to print a calendar," Iverson says. "[But] we think -- we're confident -- we will get funded."

Iverson thought up the calendar concept as recently as November 5, and within a day or two she had all the images designed, she says. The zombie theme, admittedly a popular one these days, came after she found herself hooked on AMC's cult hit The Walking Dead after binge-watching the series on Netflix.

Her favorite month, at least on the calendar, is February, featuring a silhouetted undead couple in front of a distressed pink heart. She says the image was a reaction to another creation: a vintage-esque, pink-on-ivory heart conceived as a print for the same month for a different project.

"I thought, what's the opposite of that?" she says. "Zombies."

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