Jenna Losé's Edgy Style Is Rooted in Tutus

Andie Flores
Jenna Losé combines her daily inspirations with classic looks.

Jenna Losé likes to dress up. On some days, that means wearing a lot of pink and metallics, and other days it means pairing leather or snakeskin with a pair of cute combat boots. Either way, there's always some unexpected touch that keeps her look interesting.

"I like making my outfits but I never want them to look contrived," the 22-year-old San Francisco native says.

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Losé moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University, where she graduated with a degree in marketing. Her interest in fashion, commerce, and brand marketing is beautifully reflected in both her closet and her past studies. For her senior thesis, Losé performed an in-depth inquiry about the ways in which the digital world affects the fashion industry.

She now works in Scottsdale as a Venture Associate at Tallwave, where she helps create competitions for and partners with start-ups to help commercialize new businesses. When she's not working, Losé digs up daily inspiration from the many blogs and fashion magazines she frequents. Her favorite ones include Atlantic Pacific, Kendi Everyday, and Native Fox. She's a huge Refinery29 fan, and has stacks and stacks of InStyle and Marie Claire magazines delicately placed around her room.

There's no doubt that all this reading keeps her up to date on the latest brands and noteworthy fashion companies, but it's also helped her learn a lot about herself. "I've learned a lot from reading and seeing images on Pintrest and Tumblr. Being exposed to these things taught me about what I like and what I think looks good."

As she gets older, Losé says she doesn't care at all about making mistakes or "looking dumb" for trying something new. Her continued willingness to put unexpected things together gives her a true fashionista's edge.

All the inspiration from so many different places might spin any lesser clothes-lover's head around. Losé, however, keeps it cool. She maintains her self-described "deliberate" look confidently and with the optimistic attitude of someone who really knows her stuff. The only thing left to do now? Start her own blog. We'll start thinking of names.

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Wow. So unique. And her pigeon toed stance, just brilliant. NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THIS BEFORE. She is the future of fashion.

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