5 Gifts for the Gardener

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Katrina Montgomery
Southwest Gardener has a large selection of air plants.
With the DIY movement slowly but surely taking over the world, it's starting to feel like everyone we know is an amateur gardener. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned green thumb or a complete newbie, we promise these gifts will make your gardener friends bloom.

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Air plant at Southwest Gardener
Tillasandia is a tropical plant variety that grows entirely without soil, earning it the nickname "air plant." When we spotted them sitting in the little bulb pictured above, we immediately thought Christmas ornament, but they make great decorations year-round. Normally, we don't think it's the best idea to buy a gardener a plant (because who knows what they are looking for), but the air plant is as unobtrusive as they come. Oh yeah, did we mention they are $5 each? Air plants for the whole family!

Katrina Montgomery
Matching Orla Kiely gloves and gardening apron at Frances

Orla Kiely Gardening Supplies at Frances
Frances has a great selection of Orla Kiely gardening gear right now, with a variety of tools for the fashionable gardener. We're particularly fond of the matching apron and gloves. While any of this gear is perfect for a novice, we'd recommend the patterned pots for someone who's been in the gardening game for a while -- chances are, they're already set on spades and hoes at this point. Gloves are $28, the apron is $52, and pots are $28.

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