Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls Tumblr Is for Sex Kittens

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Because the tumblrverse can't seem to get enough of photoshopped felines and memed mousers -- what with photo blogs like Brides Throwing Cats, Palo Noruti Cats, and Tina Fey with Cats --- there's a new tumblr that cat-centric humorists and vintage enthusiasts can both enjoy.

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In the same vein as the French tumblr Des Hommes et des chatons, which juxtaposes photos of hot men and cats, the newest sensation, Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls, puts together pussy cats and, well, you know.

Sexy, sweet, and bearing some pretty striking resemblances, Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls is wasted time well-spent -- so much wasted time, in fact, that we found several shots of Grumpy Cat and one of Marilyn Monroe.

Now if only they could find a way to tie in Lil' Bub and Bettie Page . . . Me-ow.

Note: Some of the pinups are NSFW . . . The cats are pretty naked, too.

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