The 8 Best Holiday Films of the 1980s

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As everyone knows, the 1980s were the cultural high-water mark for Western civilization. Everything that is good came out of the '80s, from the Rubik's Cube to the Nintendo Games System and the neon leg warmers that you wear while doing the Jane Fonda Workout. So, it stands to reason that the holiday films of the '80s also were epic.

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A Christmas Story
This film is the measuring stick that all other modern holiday films are measured by. It has become so popular that, once a year, TBS will devote a day to nothing but this film. A Christmas Story is the tale of young Ralphie growing up in Indiana in the 1950s, and getting into mischief in the days leading up to Christmas. While this movie is entertaining and very quotable, it teaches us all a valuable lesson: Don't ask for a BB gun for Christmas, or you will shoot your eye out.

Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol is one of the most adapted stories in the English language; most of them tend to stay close to the original story, but this 1988 version made the decision to adapt it to modern times and make it more slapstick. Bill Murray stars as Frank Cross, an arrogant television executive who treats his employees poorly and tries to staple antlers onto mice. As in the original, he is visited by three ghosts, and eventually learns the true meaning of Christmas. Bill Murray is supported by an excellent cast, including Bobcat Goldthwait as his Bob Cratchett stand-in, and Karen Allen as the love interest that got away.

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