10 Best Comedian Interviews of 2013

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Courtesy of Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay Is Kind of an Asshole, But You Already Knew That
By Janessa Hilliard

To call Andrew Dice Clay's comedic career long and storied would be an understatement. Since first appearing on a Rodney Dangerfield special in the late 1980s, Clay's leather-jacket-wearing, chain-smoking mug has become synonymous with the kind of raunchy comedy that dominated the scene in the 1990s.

He became the first stand-up comic to sell out Madison Square Garden on two consecutive nights (and only five others have done it since) and became a magnet for controversy thanks to a particularly foul mouth and highly sexualized set. Read more.

Courtesy of Bill Burr
Comedian Bill Burr bowfishes.

Bill Burr Uses Flaws, Screw-ups, and Bowfishing to Fuel His Comedy
By Katie Johnson

Despite his onstage agitation, Bill Burr is in a very good place.
The longtime comedian has secured his seat in the who's-who of stand-up without falling victim to bad TV sitcoms, publicity stunts, and other perils of growing celebrity status.

But that's not to say the man isn't busy. Read more.

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