10 Best Comedian Interviews of 2013

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Courtesy of Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings on Why Her Show Whitney Got Canceled and Returning to Stand-Up
By Jessica Dollin

Whitney Cummings has gone from pranking celebrities on Punk'd to becoming one herself. The comedian became a regular on Chelsea Lately and Comedy Central Roast, which led to her starring in and writing her self-titled series, Whitney, hosting a talk show, and co-creating the sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

As an actress she received negative press for her physical appearance and wasn't prepared for the rumors that accompanied her newfound success. "All these strangers judge you and pick you apart for your hair and makeup," she says. "I didn't sign up for that shit." Read more.

Marleah Leslie & Associates
Tom Green's not so much into stunts anymore.

Tom Green on How His Comedy Will Make You Think, And How Facebook and Internet Porn Wreck Relationships
By Benjamin Leatherman

‚ÄčTom Green has a tendency to get pretty cerebral. And yes, we're referring to the same dude who penned "Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song)" and suckled milk directly from a cow's waiting teat. Green's comic efforts have always been quite genius -- and oftentimes exceptionally madcap -- whether the over-the-top guerilla comedy of his groundbreaking self-titled MTV show, any of his numerous online projects like Web-O-Vision, or his various stand-up gigs in recent years.

Get past the inherent silliness and shock value of anything Green has done comedy-wise and there's always some sort of deeper meaning or message at work (even with the crazier stuff). That was the case back in his MTV days and is especially true with his stand-up. He's pretty much a live wire or hyperactive tornado onstage, but catch him when he's not performing and Green's far more subdued and analytical. Read more.

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