The Daily Show's Al Madrigal on What He Really Thinks of Arizona

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Al Madrigal isn't just a funny man, he's a hustler. His day-to-day schedule is spent moving from one project to another -- from the East Coast to the West Coast, television, stand-up -- all the while still making time for his number one priority, his family.

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In addition to his recent appearances on The Daily Show, the All Things Comedy podcast network founded with Bill Burr, and of course his stand-up, Madrigal has also been busy working on the upcoming NBC series About A Boy.

We spoke with Madrigal over the phone to discuss his comedy, The Daily Show, and what he really thinks about Arizona.

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Between the stand-up, podcasts, television, and family, you've got a lot on your plate right now. How do you balance it all? Is this just a regular pace for you?
As a stand-up comedian, you start working, and no one's paying attention. And you hustle, you hustle, you hustle. And I had my day job where I was working 70 hours a week and I had a young family and I was doing sketch comedy. Then all of a sudden I have no day job, and I'm working and hustling with this little family. People are paying attention and I feel like it's difficult to turn the hustle part off.

Would say your success happened gradually or overnight?
It was very gradual. I caution younger comics in making the same mistake I did. Initially when I got down to L.A. I had one gig and it's hard not to put all your eggs into one basket and not get excited about an opportunity and then after that opportunity goes away you're always left with that feeling of "What do I do now?" So I've always had five things going on. I worked harder than anybody. I worked harder than I ever worked in a day job. So now luckily everything's happening at once and instead of the one thing I have four things, which is great.

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