Photographer Mike Olbinski's Storm Footage Used in Thor 2: The Dark World

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Hey geeks, did you happen to catch Thor 2: The Dark World this past weekend? If not, you were one of the few who didn't, considering that Marvel's latest entry into its cinematic universe raked in an estimated $86 million during its debut weekend. But if you did, however, you would've seen a bit of footage that was created by a Valley resident.

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Mike Olbinski, a local wedding photographer and storm chaser, undoubtedly has earned some serious cred in the geek world after time-lapse video of a monster supercell thunderstorm he shot earlier this year was used to create a special effect in the comic book blockbuster.

Over the summer, the 38-year-old -- who has recorded video of one of the Valley's first haboobs, as well as storms around Arizona, New Mexico, and a few other states -- used his Canon 5D2 camera to nab breathtaking shots of the intense maelstrom near the small town of Booker, Texas. Once it got posted to Vimeo, the video earned kudos across the web and grabbed the attention of special effects gurus at Marvel Studios.

A supercell near Booker, Texas from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

Olbinski says he got an e-mail from the studio in late July regarding the possibility of using his supercell footage. And according to a blog he wrote about the experience late last week, Marvel was a bit cagey at first about how it would be used.

I had no idea at first what it might be for, but they wanted the "highest resolution possible." I immediately started thinking . . . holy crap, they want this for the big screen! No way! But it took a few emails to confirm that. And then the told me the name of the movie: Thor 2: The Dark World.

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