Swants Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters Even Uglier

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While you and your friends were busy debating whether leggings counted as pants, the sweater-centric site Westknits was busy unleashing an all new brand of winter WTF.

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In a prime example of upcycled fashion gone wrong, knit artist Stephen West unveiled a new way to make your ugly Christmas sweater even uglier.

They're called swants, and as you fashion-savvy wordsmiths may have already guessed, they are the unfortunate DIY byproduct of sweater tops turned pants.

This month on his blog, West posted a simple how-to for sentimental sweater buffs looking to repurpose their winter wardrobe. All you need is a salvageable sweater, safety pins, tapestry needle, yarn and a complete disregard for what other people may think of you.

To try your hand at "swantsing," see the tutorial.

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