Photos: Halloween Night in Tempe, Scottsdale Polo Championships, and Bloodfest

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Benjamin Leatherman
New Times photographers were out and about over the weekend. Did we take your picture?

Halloween Night 2013 on Mill Avenue
Mill Avenue was pure madness as gigantic throng numbering into the tens of thousands and consisting of college kids, 20-somethings, and members of the party crowd invaded downtown Tempe and its many bars to celebrate Halloween on Thursday, October 31. And they came is costume and ready to drink.

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Jeremiah Toller

Bloodfest 2013
Somewhere in an undisclosed location, an event got bloody. Bloodfest 2013 consisted of hard-driving beats, costumes galore and, of course, buckets of blood. Performances ranged from grinding to fire breathing, along with vendors and an altar to get married upon making this event one of the year's must-attend parties. Maybe you'll stumble upon the event next year.

Scottsdale Polo Championships 2013 Fashion Show
After a long day of polo matches, spectators of the Scottsdale Polo Championships flocked to the Volvo Lounge to watch a chic fashion show on Friday, November 1, 2013.

Benjamin Leatherman

Tucson Comic-Con 2013
There were more than a few Doctor Whos on hand for the Tucson Comic-Con this past weekend (including the fourth, tenth, and eleventh incarnations of the vaunted Gallifreyan timelord). Ditto for numerous doppelgangers of The Joker, Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, and Bane, all of whom mixed and mingled with the geeks of the Old Pueblo and from around Arizona at the Tucson Convention Center on Saturday, November 2, and Sunday, November 3, for the two-day event.

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