Phoenix Bike Share to Launch in Early 2014

Courtesy of Grid Bikes

Phoenix's bike share program now has a name: Grid Bikes (styled Gr:D). The bright green bikes are emblazoned with a smiley face and instructions to "Ride Happy!"

Mayor Greg Stanton unveiled the name and logo last Monday at the National Association of City Transportation Officials Phoenix conference at Hotel Palomar.

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"If our region is going to compete globally, we need Grid to help attract those high-wage employers and bright, educated young workers who want livable cities and multiple transit options," Stanton says via press release.

Social Bicycles designed the bikes, Eeko Studio is behind the branding concept, and Miami-based CycleHop was contracted to establish and operate the bike share network here in the Valley.

Rollout of the program is still on schedule to begin before the end of the year, with plans to have 500 bikes in the downtown Phoenix area by early 2014. CycleHop has pledged to expand the share into Tempe and Mesa, with 250 bikes each, by spring 2014.

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Hotel Palomar

2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

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We're so happy to be bringing bike share to Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe! Having a new transportation option means that more people will have an affordable way to travel to and from the  light rail and destinations around the light rail corridor. We look forward to seeing more people on bikes!

Nido Vintage Furnishings
Nido Vintage Furnishings

Last year our family went to Minneapolis for a few days. We biked EVERYWHERE with these things. They were so awesome. It was an excellent way to enjoy the city. I do think people are more conscientious for bikers in the Mid-west than they are here, but I think this is a great thing for our city to have. They are all over Europe too. Glad to see Phoenix being progressive. If the bikes are not used by locals, I am sure they will be used by tourists. Our store is in Downtown Scottsdale and I see people using the bikes from the Saguaro Hotel, I also think the W has bikes, people on other rented bikes and the segways. I think this is a good thing!

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