Call to Artists: Monarch Theatre Is Seeking Muralists or Artists to Revamp Its Exterior

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The exterior of the Monarch Theatre in downtown Phoenix, which is about to get spruced up.
To most people passing by the Monarch Theatre in downtown Phoenix, the dance club's exterior is like a big, gray, monolithic slab of nothing, save for its smallish sign over the door. To local artists, designers, and muralists, however, it could be their next canvas, and a large and prominent one at that.

Monarch's owners are in search of a local creative to help redesign and spruce up the the two-story club's facade that faces Washington Street with a mural or other large-scale work. The fact that said artist's work would be featured along one of downtown's major thoroughfares (and, thus, be seen by thousands of passersby and the club's clientele) is stressed in a recent Facebook post made by Monarch's staff asking for submissions.

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"[It's] a complete presentation to every patron, every person and anyone walking in downtown that this is Monarch Theatre," they state. "Your work will be shown on Google Images, Google Streetview, and BING maps. You will become part of downtown Phoenix."

A potential mural or art work would cover the lower half of the two-story property's facade, which has sported a gray paint job dating back to its days as hip-hop spot PHX Nightclub.

When Monarch's co-owners Pete Salaz, Edson Madrigal, and Sean Badger (who also run the neighboring Bar Smith) opened the place last April, they kept the gray look.

They briefly had a Lalo Cota-created painting on one side of the exterior of a monarch butterfly emerging from a cocoon, which the artist updated each week for a month to show the creature's evolution from pupae to a fully-formed winged insect, but eventually painted over it.

And now they're interested in something grander for the exterior of the club.

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The Monarch Theatre

122 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

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Kate Crowley
Kate Crowley

does it actually want to pay the artists?

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