Mannequin Depressed Depicts the "Struggles of Being Beautiful and Inanimate"

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Mannequin Depressed

If you think you have it hard, trying talking to a mannequin. (Please don't actually.)

They are constantly being objectified, publicly undressed, and stuck wearing the same ensemble in the same position for weeks on end. Weeks, people.

But finally, thanks to the useless wonders of the Internet, their tiny plastic voices are being heard.

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Mannequin Depressed is the new Tumblr where plastic statues everywhere can make their feelings known.

From the daily trials and tribulations of storefront life, to the permanently eye-opening revelations, Mannequin Depressed gives internet users an intimate look into inanimate life (think Toy Story with more vanity and less Potato Head).

Mannequin Depressed will no doubt suck as much productivity out of your days as Tumblrs like Sad Etsy Boyfriends, Terrible Real Estate, and Perez Hamilton. But as least you can always take solace in the fact that while you may have spent entirely too much time looking at it, someone else wasted even more time putting it together.

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