9 Best Holiday Movies from the 1990s

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Much like the holiday season, the 1990s were a magical time. America's budget was balanced. Sir Mix-A-Lot was a famous person. So much happened.

Unsurprisingly, the 10-year span yielded pieces of pop culture that are totally bonkers, often beautiful, and, more than anything else, so utterly '90s. In that spirit, here are the hands-down best holiday movies from the decade that gave us Beanie Babies, Free Willy, and The Macarena -- things that don't make a whole lot of sense in retrospect, but hold a special place in our nostalgic hearts nonetheless.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas
Put holiday claymation in the hands of macabre master Tim Burton, and you get hybrid Halloween-Christmas characters that are creepier than Krampus. It's not mandatory for Jack "The Pumpkin King" Skellington and Sally fans to wear hoodies and black-and-white stripe witch pantyhose. You are more than welcome to do that, but proving your fandom by knowing all the words to "This is Halloween" is also completely acceptable.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Michael Caine's Ebenezer Scrooge is our all-time favorite. And having the Muppet crew at his side only makes us love this Christmas Carol more. Gonzo serves as the narrator, Charles Dickens, while Kermit and Piggy take on Bob and Emily Cratchit, and Statler and Waldorf portray the musical ghosts of Jacob and Robert Marley. It's funny, it's touching, and it makes us cry every single time. "When Love is Gone"? Total tearjerker. That's not to mention we get choked up just thinking about how The Muppet Carol is the first Jim Henson Productions film released after both its namesake and puppeteer Richard Hunt passed away. It's dedicated to their memory.

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Tyler Pruitt
Tyler Pruitt

The 80s owned holiday movies. The 90s not so much...

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