Unagi Travel Sends Stuffed Animals on Vacation

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Facebook / Unagi Travel
We're not sure how many people have sat around thinking, "My teddy bear needs to get out more. He should really see the world."

But apparently there are enough for one Japanese agency to form its own fluffy variation of lame, but potentially lucrative, armchair travel.

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With Unagi Travel, customers can live vicariously through their stuffed animals by sending them on the vacations they are too busy to take.

Much like the globetrotting gnome in Amélie, your plush pals can explore cities like Kamakura, Tokyo, Yokohama, and monthly "Mystery Tours" for $55 or less.

To make sure their hard-earned money is being well spent, customers can stay up to date on their toy's travels with photos and videos uploaded to the agency's Facebook page. For a better look at what sending your beloved inanimate object on paid vacation entails, check out the Unagi promo video below.

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