Sad Etsy Boyfriend Tumblr Is DIY Humiliation

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Question: What's more depressing than a hand-crocheted beanie on Etsy?

Answer: A sad-looking man wearing a hand-crocheted beanie on Etsy.

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The handmade arts and crap sold through Etsy have reached an all-time pathetic low, thanks to the Tumblr Sad Etsy Boyfriend. "Dedicated to the wretched creatures abused for economic gains by their Etsy girlfriends," the site posts photos of men modeling their significant other's sad homemade creations.

Sporting everything from gothic wear and pirate vests to tightly knitted sweaters and man bling, Sad Etsy Boyfriends shines a light on the devoted, vain, or possibly just spineless, man candy of crafting America.

Here are some of our top picks.


Crocheted bondage?


The crushed blue velvet likely matches his balls.

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