Bri Seeley Shines at Phoenix Fashion Week 2013 at Talking Stick Resort

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Melissa Fossum
Bri Seeley presented her latest collection at Phoenix Fashion Week 2013.

Designer Bri Seeley stole the show Friday night at Phoenix Fashion Week 2013 at Talking Stick Resort.

Seeley, who was named emerging designer of the year in 2012, presented a refined, thoughtful collection that stood out among the evening's established and emerging designers.

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Since earning the title last year, Seeley has moved to L.A. to further her brand of vintage-inspired womenswear.

The designer closed out the established designer portion of Friday night's shows with dresses, shells, and skirts in a delicate color palate of mint, jade, peach, and gray. Seeley's focused point of view and thoughtful attention to details, like open backs in her dresses and scalloping at the high waists of her A-line skirts, highlighted what other designers were obviously lacking, namely wearability. Her gray dress with a tie waist was a lovely stand-out within a well-done collection.

Melissa Fossum
Apparently the no-pants look is gonna be big in 2014.
Gents opened the evening with its line of hats and shirts. With male and female models, he brand displayed its beanies and baseball caps in a variety of materials like leather, jersey, and wool.

The show's pacing made for a tedious display, as models were seemingly instructed to walk extra-slow. The redundancy of the line didn't help matters, as Gents showed more than 20 looks with little variation -- apart from the women who took to the runway not wearing pants (which, why?). That combined with the brand's intro video, which was surprisingly aggressively sexual for a hat company, brought a gross sense of macho to the night that no amount Google Glass (which one male model wore) could compensate for.

The other established designers, JHaus and Paulie Gibson, were from last year's batch of emerging ones.

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