10 Metro Phoenix Artists to Follow on Instagram

Categories: Visual Art

We're always fascinated by how professional photographers use Instagram. Mike McLeod (mcleodindex) has figured out how to toe that line.

Spencer Hibert (spencerhibert) is a multi-media artist who makes psychedelic art. Images like this look like they might pop right off of the screen.

Mikey Jackson (hello_mikey) most often paints on wood surfaces. We like following him because he posts his process along the way.

Editor's note: This post has been modified from its original version.

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All of these artists are quite gifted, but Mikey Jackson's work is the one to watch out for. This young man is progressing at a stunning rate; buy his work now before the world discovers the voice of this talented and unique emerging artist.



As if I need more IG accounts to follow.. These are all fantastic - THX NT :)

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