7 Animated GIFs of Zombie Walk 5 and Halloween Shenanigans in Metro Phoenix

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Photos and clips by Benjamin Leatherman
Robin and Miley's doppelgangers on Mill Avenue over the weekend.
If you heard a bunch of moaning and groaning -- not to mention some rattling chains and blaring sirens -- coming through downtown Phoenix over the weekend, it's only because a mass invasion of the undead transpired via the annual Zombie Walk. Meanwhile, people were shaking their costumed culos to EDM over in Scottsdale and Tempe at any number of swanky masquerades and bar parties or just hamming it up along the sidewalks of Mill Avenue and Old Town.

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We captured a sampling of the activity of both the Zombie Walk and some of the bigger Halloween shindigs this past weekend, which are helpfully presented in animated GIF form for your viewing pleasure.

 photo MOV02314_zps4847506f.gif

Wicked Twitch
This is what happens when zombies go off their meds.

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Hotel Valley Ho

6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ

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Giligin's Bar

4251 N. Winfield Scott, Scottsdale, AZ

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