The 3 Worst Fall Fashion Trends of 2013

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Courtesy of Nasty Gal
We do not condone the wearing of this faux Muppet fur vest by Aryn K.

Between oversize coats, fall shades of gray and emerald, and ladylike layers of leather, there's plenty to keep you clothed (and stylish) this season. But there are three trends so sad and unflattering that we'd rather you go naked than partake in their unfortunate popularity.

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L to R: Karl Donoghue's mid-length fuchsia shearling coat; Preen Line's black, navy and dark-olive rabbit coat; Dagmar's black leather-trimmed mohair-blend coat.

Muppet Coats
Miss Piggy is right up there with Beyonce if we're talking HBIC role models. But skinning a Henson character to make your coat just seems cruel.

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