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(Courtesy of Bloom Dispensary)

Chitral Hays -- not his real name -- is Jackalope Ranch's resident expert on medical marijuana in Arizona. In Perfectly Blunt, Hays delivers news, reviews, and must-know info. From time to time, he'll review a local dispensary.

Bloom Dispensaries was the first official dispensary to be licensed and fling open its doors to the Phoenix public, so it seemed an obvious choice to survey. (They also have a sister location in Sedona.) Located on the south side of 41st Place and Washington Street, just east of the light rail stop and cowering beneath the massively ugly monolith recently erected at Sky Harbor (a.k.a. Sky Train), Bloom is a squat, gray building with barred windows and a parking lot corralled with razor wire.

As soon as I approached the blank, windowless door on the east side of the building, it was hurled open in my face by a grinning attendant, who led me inside. Taken aback, I entered what I would soon discover is one of the most magnificent places in the Valley.

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Bloom Dispensaries
14 S. 41st Place

Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.
Medication price range: $14 per gram, $40 per eighth, $270 per ounce
Other types of medicine: Pre-rolls, 20mg cookies, candy, pastries, juices, hemp oil balm, seasoning, hemp oil/capsules.
Online menu? Yes.
Handicap accessible? Yes.

Welcome to Bloom, I'm warmly told. There's a long corridor, strongly lit by fluorescent lighting and I'm led to the right, past a security guard, where a young girl takes my program ID and driver's license, asking if I want some information. Sure. She hands me a thick, color-printed booklet that I flip through as I wait. It covers everything from how to roll a joint to the effects of mixing alcohol with cannabis to how your cannabinoid receptors function and how to manage marijuana addiction. It even lets you know how to avoid drooling in a bong. The book is surely sufficient to make someone a mild expert on marijuana consumption.

Then, I was offered a chance to sign up for their birthday program, through which they will mail you a coupon for a free eighth on your cake day. After signing up in a blink, I was led to the sparse waiting room, where I browsed some old issues of Rolling Stone and read their large computer screen on the wall, featuring a menu through Leafly. (Oh, if you don't know about this site yet, allow me to quickly enlighten you. Leafly is a search engine for strains, dispensaries, and co-ops. It's useful and gives up-to-the-hour menu updates, so you don't even have to leave your couch to decide what to order. Weedmaps.com is another great resource. Which reminds me, Bloom offers online orders as well, with in-store pick-up.)

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Arizona Natures Wellness DBA: Bloom Sky Train

14 S. 41st Place, Phoenix, AZ

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Katsu is cut of Bubba Kush. 


Dispensary Reviews = targets for police action

Tiffany Huett
Tiffany Huett

jeff u can do better than twinkies bleh! fruit is the best for munchies imo. the weird irony is I HATE fruit flavored blunts lol

Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez

I shopped around and chose bloom as my favorite.very pleased with quality.I have pretty much tried all the flowers and have my favorite.katsu is one I grab when it is available.the other one you reviewed I have tried as well.the prices and deals are great.

Jeff Ramon
Jeff Ramon

My glaucoma is flaring up bad, bros! Imma prolly score some of this weed after I hit 7-11 for some twinkies. Just got my Xbox 360 back from the pawn shop. Gonna be a great week.


The pricing is on the border of being predatory. The fact that someone who is sick has to pay 500 to a 1000 a month for what was supposed to a be alternative to pills and other things. Im hoping that the courts will side with the patients and allow home growing to continue so that we can get away from this pricing fiasco and to a more patient friendly environment. All you price gougers. For shame.


@Justin Credible 

Boycott the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels -- Grow Your Own !!

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