Carrot Dating Seems Like Prostitution

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Carrot Dating
Gold digging is alive and well, thanks to online dating sites like and

While trading in a well-maintained body for a well-maintained lifestyle is more or less legal, a new matchmaking website by SeekingArrangments founder Brandon Wade has many wondering: Where do you draw the line between presents and prostitution?

See also: ASU Students Increasingly Seek Sugar Daddies is a new site embracing the "superficial game" that is online dating. Advertising a sort of sexual supply and demand, Carrot Dating divides its users into two categories, Bribers and Attractives.

The Bribers can purchase credits in order to communicate with Attractive users. Depending on the interest of each user, these credits continue to be accumulated by the Attractive and paid for by the Briber; ultimately being exchanged for jewelry, travel, entertainment, food -- basically anything short of cash so as not to be labeled straight up hooking.

Ignoring the degrading connotation of dangling a carrot, its phallic symbolism, or the synonymous connection between rabbits, their small vibrating counterparts, and Playboy bunnies, the site still has a strong sexist undertone.

While Carrot Dating claims that both genders can apply to either user category, the website's copy, graphics, press photos, and promo video all suggest that it's predominantly the women who are putting themselves up for sale.

As the song goes, "Money can't buy me love, but it can buy me a superficial imitation of it. And that's good enough."

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I won't deny that men chasing women is something that works. Women get off on being desired. But that's not what this app is about. This app is about pathetic men who don't know how to talk to women in their real life, and so they dangle prizes and financial gain in front of women's faces because they have no other recourse. I'm sure it works - who could deny that? But what kind of woman are you going to be attracting? Certainly not a quality lady who actually interested in YOU. Certainly not a quality lady who will not bleed your wallet dry and move on when something better comes along. And certainly not a quality lady who will remain faithful to your wallet... if you get what I mean.

This... is a recipe for heartbreak and men being used. It is prostitution and a complete waste of money, not to mention a Band-Aid that allows men to lie to themselves about their prowess with females. By all means, if you want to waste the thousands and thousands of dollars that it's going to take to keep these women interested in you, then by all means do so. But just know that there's an alternative that's not going to cost you your retirement fund:

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