American Horror Story: The 10 Best Sex Scenes (NSFW)

American Horror Story: where spooky and sexy combine.
American Horror Story is meant to be scary and often succeeds in being so, but like any good horror movie, it shows a fair amount of sex between the scares. Recurring cast members Dylan McDermott, Lily Rabe, and Evan Peters all get in on the action time and time again, while single-use cast members like Lizzie Brochere and Chloe Sevigny spice it up in just one season. It's hard to classify these scenes as solely sexy, because usually something goes horribly wrong right after. If you haven't watched the show, know that this list has some sassy spoilers. You've been warned.

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Moira the Maid Cleans Up

Moira, the mysterious maid who "came with the house" establishes herself pretty quickly in the first season as the main source of sexiness in the show. Her constant advances aimed at the married man of the house, played by McDermott, become more and more intense as the season goes on.

The Twist: She's unsolicitedly cleaning the blood of Ben's ex-lover after he murdered her.

Sister Mary Eunice Gets Seductive

After finding red lingerie in the head nun's dresser drawer, Mary decides to do a little dance and sing Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me." While there isn't any sex per se in this scene, the sacrilege and sudden sense of empowerment and sexuality is pretty cool. You're sure to have that song stuck in your head for a week after watching it.

The Twist: She's possessed by Satan, thus the sudden affinity for stolen red lingerie.

Kit and Alma Get Busy

One of the few actually sweet and somewhat romantic sex scenes in this show goes to secretly married, scandalously biracial couple Kit and Alma. The world around them hates them for their love, but they're so into each other that they don't care.

The Twist: She's abducted by aliens (yes, aliens) shortly thereafter.

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I loved the sex scene with Kit & Alma. It was not as hot as Kit & Grace in the kitchen. But Alma & Kit made that sweet sweet love. Even though Alma had little screen time, I was rooting for her & Kit (mainly because of the sweet sex scene)


Love love love Kit & Alma's sex scene. It wasn't as hot as Kit & Grace in the kitchen, but it was sooo sweet. Even though Alma had very little screen time, I was rooting for her & Kit. Then I remembered this is a horror happy endings.

Desert Magazine
Desert Magazine

sorry - we are tuned with the outdoors- not tuned into tv- so not really missing anything....

Candace Porth
Candace Porth

Lovin' Coven as I did the previous incarnations.

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